- Giant heater core DIY....56k don't even click here.
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    1. Member j-boogie253's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 2009
      Tacoma, WA
      90 Fox, 88 GLI, 91 Jetta (RIP), 98 A4 (RIP)
      03-31-2012 12:26 PM #51
      Quote Originally Posted by Chris-88Fox View Post
      Just wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem?
      Headliner contact cement should do the job. It holds up to heat
      If you were a Volkswagen....who would your owner be?

    2. Member rabbitnothopper's Avatar
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      Oct 19th, 2009
      D-Town REPRESENT : Texas
      RIP81. 78 VW Rabbit 1.5L EH 4speed 020 GC->GP, 82 Rabbit Pickup 1.6D
      04-01-2012 09:05 PM #52
      great job, good DIY picture thread

      having done similar work before it makes everyone realize that "oh yeah, just take the dash out" is a really complicated and often delicate process

    3. Member huzrddy's Avatar
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      May 27th, 2002
      NW Montana
      2011 CC Sport with stuff added to it.
      05-29-2012 12:54 AM #53
      Awesome thread! Great pictures (your wife I assume took the photos when both of your hands were working? If so, big time to you for that!) I own a '93 2 door and don't like the dash with the knee guard as it eliminates a slot for the stereo. Well I happened to buy an '88 4 door for $300 to use as a parts car and I decided to take the dash out of it and eventually swap it into my '93. I know this is ass-backward but I really like the way the older dash looks and I want that extra slot for some future project.
      Anyhow my point is that your thread was invaluable in removing the dash in the '88 and it really isn't as hard as I expected it to be. Just a screwdriver, 10mm socket and a drill for those damn rivets are all you need.
      An additional note for those out there using this thread...ziploc bags. Label them and put the screws in preferred order to put it all back together correctly.
      Thanks again! Adam in MT

    4. Member DubbinChris's Avatar
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      Dec 15th, 2005
      Columbus, OH
      85 Ur Quattro, 91 Golf (getting parted), 83 Q Sedan TD, 03 A4 Avant
      08-24-2015 08:58 AM #54
      Why is this thread still not listed in the FAQ sticky?

    5. 05-15-2017 08:54 PM #55
      Thank you for all the work to make this DIY.

      Just FYI,
      We've had this '88 fox since it was 2.
      We took it to the dealer for both recall repairs to the heater.
      The heater started leaking again so I took it out to repair.

      This is what the local VW dealer in Denver thought was acceptable work.
      Not only did they destroy the housing and gerryrig it back with silicone caulk and a/c
      paste, but they broke off the mounting front tabs that hold it to the dashboard.
      More reasons to never go to a VW dealer for anything.
      Makes you wonder what kind of lousy job they do now.
      Only sad that it's been too long to take it back and file a complaint with corporate.

    6. Member reddfoxx's Avatar
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      Sep 18th, 2005
      CMH OH
      '87 VW Fox wagon turbo, 2014 Cruze
      05-18-2017 10:03 AM #56
      Wow. Awful. Mine were very professionally done. The two-door was fixed in Columbus (I bought that one new) and never leaked again. The wagon is fine so far, knock on wood, and looks well-done too.
      Not red, not blue- red, white, and blue

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