- What did you do to your Golf R today?
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    1. Yesterday 02:06 PM #15751
      Quote Originally Posted by LoneMeme View Post
      Dang, that sucks! As someone who lives in a state where they literally throw rocks on the road for "traction" in the winter...I can assure you, you'll survive. Mine is completely sandblasted, so I'll trade you!
      Quote Originally Posted by arres View Post
      Replace it if you have glass coverage.

      I'm thinking of having mine replaced before giving it a glass coating.

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      you guys might want to give windshield armor a go. i gave it a second chance and it's not THAT bad so far. i mean there is some distortion when the sunlight hits at the right angle. but saw from their website that they install on high-end porsches and ferraris, so figured it couldn't be that bad. supposedly lasts up to 2yrs if you take care of it. which means use their UV lotion.

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      Yesterday 06:43 PM #15752

      After a 3 month wait I mounted my OZ's. Better pics shortly.

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    3. Yesterday 08:18 PM #15753
      Got my black side mirror caps painted to match the Lapiz Blue and wrapped in XPEL.

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    4. Yesterday 10:50 PM #15754
      Installed the Audi jack pads and associated underbody trim. The fronts weren't bad, but the rears were a pain in the ass due to the ever so slightly recessed holes they were being pressed into. Took me a NUMBER of tries, grease and Macguyvering to get them in.

      Next up 8" screen and Euro tails. Running out of OEM/euro R upgrades to do...

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      Today 11:08 AM #15755
      Quote Originally Posted by Thrillhouse! View Post
      Got my black side mirror caps painted to match the Lapiz Blue and wrapped in XPEL.

      Beat me to it!

      It looks great

      Would you mind sharing how much it was for paint?


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