I lied to you all, TCL, I said that I wouldn’t start any more project threads but I couldn’t help myself. Several months back I outlined the purchase of several old trucks that I wasn't sure what I would do with. As it turns out, I couldn't resist the opportunity to dismantle a vehicle and have since started working on this ’70 C10. For the past 3-4 weeks I've dug further and further into it, and wanted to share my progress. Instead of spending my evenings and weekends finishing my bug that I also have completely stripped, I thought it would be wise to further stretch my time and tear into this. I honestly did not have intentions in letting things get this far, when I got the truck it needed work on the brakes, carb and a gas tank to be a driver. I had planned on getting those in order and either flipping it or giving it to my brother, but as things often do in my garage, the project quickly got out of hand.

This truck suffers from everything that every other 67-72 C10 does. It has rotted cab corners, rockers and floor pans. The bed and doors are surprisingly solid though, which is a major bonus for me. Every time I touched something I kept telling myself “while I’m in here I should just fix this…” and the pictures below are where it left me.

As you can see, I have now turned a weekend project into something much more. The frame has been stripped bare and sand blasted, and the body has been put on carts so that I can begin panel replacement. Orders have been placed with rockauto for brake and suspension parts and other orders have been placed with fixmyrust for repair panels.

The truck will probably be kind of a "resto-mod" in that I want it to appear mostly factory but lowered on some sort of aftermarket wheel. Though I'm still not 100% sold on whether I want to put vinyl trim on it, or if I want to keep the 71-72 front end. I've also got to decide on a color when it comes time, if I go with trim I will probably do a two tone with white in the center, but outside of that I'm all ears for suggestions. I will try to keep this thread updated with pictures as I go, but you can also feel free to peruse my project blog that I have linked in my signature, which will probably have more pictures and in depth coverage of what I’m doing (mods if external links to blogs are not permitted in my signature please let me know).

Stay tuned to see if I finish this one