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    1. Member PizzaCat!'s Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 2006
      Near McBanagon
      I used to drive a Rabbit5GTI or something. May also own a NATO Sand Jeep.
      11-29-2016 07:54 AM #1
      For ****s and giggles.

      A lot of TCLers are grabbing these things lately, so it's time for a master thread. Check-in, and I'll add you to the list. Also, pictures - TCL loves a good whore thread.

      First on the list will be Arachnotron, the first SS buyer to post about it in TCL. He has to be first. Bonus points for it being his wife's car.

      1) Arachnotron (2015 Phantom Black 6MT)
      2) Rabbit5GTI/NATORabbit/PizzaCat! (2015 Alchemy Purple 6MT)
      3) IdontownaVW (2016 Some Like it Hot Red 6MT)
      4) Sold Over Sticker (2016 Some Like it Hot Red 6MT)
      5) maxor (2016 Some Like it Hot Red 6MT)
      6) silverxt (2015 Heron White AT)
      7) automobiliben (2015 Silver Ice 6MT)
      8) sicklyscott (2015 Some Like it Hot Red 6MT)
      9) Buckeye(OH) (2016 Regal Peacock Green 6MT)
      10) gunmike1 (2016 Heron White 6MT)
      11) utekineir (2015 Perfect Blue 6MT)
      12) Roberts_J (2016 Slipstream Blue 6MT)
      13) H. E. Pennypacker (2017 Slipstream Blue 6MT)
      14) TJSwoboda (2017 Heron White 6MT)
      15) g34343greg (2017 Slipstream Blue 6MT)
      16) CSRPenFab (2017 Silver Ice AT)
      17) AJB (2015 Regal Peacock Green 6MT)
      18) ArmenB (2017 Slipstream Blue 6MT)
      19) gooberbora (2017 Orange Blast 6MT)
      20) jalanrr (2016 Silver Ice 6MT)


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      It's me, Rabbit, I promise.
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