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    1. 01-21-2017 01:24 PM #1
      I bought a 2016 DSG gti base model a couple months ago and so far it's just APR stage one with 034 dogbone put on. I want to to start fancying it up but can't make up my mind on parts with all the competition out there and I'm sure there's other guys out there in the same boat. I'd rather get input/suggestions from you guys out there with experience and knowledge in this subject. I've looked through a lot of forums and couldn't find any threads like this within the past 2 years. Only had 1 car before this and it was a Wrangler so this is a whole new ball game.

      Keep in mind I drive here pretty hard. Most of my accelerations are aggressive, can't help myself

      -Best stage 2 tune? I think I'll be going APR if y'all don't change my mind. (I put about 14k miles on per year) The reason I'm considering APR above others is it seems to be the popular pick everywhere I look.

      -Best intake? I was looking at aFe stage 2 intake but I want to hear your preferences. (That will work with stage 1 and 2+) I also live in FL heat if that has any influence.

      - Best Wheel size and type if I want to go as wide as possible without complications with stock breaks and no lowering (just for better traction with launch and I prefer the wide tire look). Current stock: 225/40 R18

      -Wider tires recommendation to roll with the wheels you recommend

      -I've got the 034 dog bone but I heard somewhere that side-arm bar mounts help with wheel too, is that actually a thing?

      -Best coilovers/springs if that's necessary? (I drive aggressively and sometimes corner hard but don't do any autocross)

      -best downpipe for stage 2? I assume cat less for that extra power - most likely APR unless you guys convince me otherwise. (Within budget of course, I'm 20 years old so not looking to throw away money on parts that have 1 HP over others)

      - is a diverter valve/blow off valve worth purchasing? If so, which one would you recommend?

      -Best intercooler for stage 2(putting into consideration I live in Florida where 75 degrees is chilly)

      -Any other thoughts on mods you guys recommend that I'm missing will be appreciated!

      Thanks for the thoughts and input fellas. Hopefully it'll help me make some decisions, tired of sitting around contemplating what to do with her.

    2. Junior Member DanielSL's Avatar
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      04-25-2017 11:56 AM #2
      The first thing you have to ask yourself is what type of competition are you going to do, as you posted this in the Motorsport section. If you want general modifications help, you would be better posting the same questions in the Mk. 7 specific forum, and also over at, where everyone is a Mk. 7 nut.

      I can tell you personally that my Mk. 4 RallyCross car is set up completely different than my Mk.7 DD, which I DD very hard, and occasionally Autocross with. I will also eventually take the Mk. 7 to the drags once it is completely off of warranty.

      Either way, I will say you need to let the car breathe, being turbocharged, and you need an intercooler here in Florida. I am on the East coast, just north of WPB, and the heat kills the car.

      Intake and exhaust. Then intercooler. Then everything else, and you will see good progression.

      Personally, and not saying mine is right, or the best; but I went with the following:

      Autotech intake; (proven Dyno increase in Hp and Tq numbers, done myself). Damn good product for the price-point.

      Cut off suitcase muffler behind axle, and ran straight 2.5" exhaust "Y" to stock tips; (Great tone, and response, at cheap price-point).

      CTS Turbo turbo muffler delete and turbo intake pipe, (Dyno results when done together, after intake).

      Saving up for an Intercooler now. Going to go with either a Wagner or a Forge Twintercooler, unless HPA or Mishimoto come out with a dedicated one for the Mk. 7 platform.

      Been begging HPA to do one as their exhaust is the most amazing piece out there for the 7 chassis, and their Mk. 6 intercooler is a proven, amazing piece of work.

      Mishimoto; #mishimoto #teammishi sponsors my Mk. 4, so I would love for them to come out with a dedicated Mk. 7 intercooler, as I love their work, and build quality.

      Hope this helps a little bit.
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    3. Geriatric Member PSU's Avatar
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      05-21-2017 11:23 PM #3
      Just keep in mind that you can't jump right to Stage 2.

      You'll need an intake and downpipe first.

      You could always do Stage 1 and then upgrade later. It's free to jump to Stage 2 if you buy an APR downpipe.

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