- "He'll grow out of it"...getting help and diagnosis for my son's behavioural issues (long)
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    1. Member Bibs's Avatar
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      03-06-2017 01:36 PM #1
      My wife and I have been struggling with our son for some time. He's a fun kid, lovely, maddening, healthy and pretty normal. To get ahead of the obvious suggestions, he eats healthy, sleeps a normal amount, and has a pretty consistent routine. He's almost 5, in Junior Kindergarten. Mom works, and he is in an after-school program until 5.

      I thought I'd reach out for other's experience. We have started the process of getting him into specialists...I'm not sure how to start identifying what "he has", or if its even anything outside the normal.

      Since he was 2, we had issues with his temper, with conflict or stressful situations. We wrote it off as "terrible twos". He got better in some ways, worse in others.
      His behaviour at school is acceptable, according to the school. Some minor hiccups, but nothing outside the norm for a boy his age. I would identify him as an introvert. He can play with others, but often is on his own. He wants to please his teacher, and be included in class.

      At home, he can have a good day, and everyone is happy. If it's a "bad day" he is off the rails. When I travel for work, my wife really bears the brunt: Unreasonable fighting over nothing: De-escalation is impossible, if he digs in: It will usually end with deliberate damage, physical fights, biting, hair pulled, screaming. He can pull the same things with me, but its worse when I'm gone.
      Getting angry with him doesn't work. Being calm, and trying bring him down gently doesn't work. It's over once he blows up, and when he decides he's done.
      Punishment / grounding is no threat. He does not react to anything being taken away, or "time outs". Put him in his room, and he'll tip over a dresser, rip the closet apart.

      The threat of a consequence will not stop anything from happening, although he understands what a consequence is...and we follow through.

      Triggers seem (but not always) to be:
      Fatigue: The end of the school day, he's wiped.
      Rushed schedule: Mom's busy, sister needs to go to swimming...please finish your dinner
      Crowds: seem to stress him out, but not always
      New social situations: dinner at a friend's house, etc. He can find a spot alone, and start to get into something. He knows its wrong. You have to watch him closely. Try to stop him, and it can end in a massive tantrum. He dug his nails into my wife's arm, drawing blood. He then collapsed in tears, and mom just held him...

      What we have done:
      Allergy/nutrition/health testing: (he's ok)
      Language testing: His verbal expressive skills are behind normal, but we're working on it...He's getting close to the "normal" range. Comprehension is above average: he's a sharp kid.
      When he was 2-3, the verbal expressive shortcomings were always a big frustration for him.

      What's next: Our doctor is going to get us on the list for a behavioural specialist. Not sure what that entails.

      If anyone has had experience with this, I like to hear about it. My wife is in tears, the end of her rope. He's unable to cope with his mental state, and she has to deal with the outcome.

      Love him to pieces, and enjoy time with him..It's sad to have this cloud on the household.

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      04-18-2017 06:47 AM #2
      you have pm.

      Quote Originally Posted by Turbio!
      They make my ass look pretty.

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      04-24-2017 10:38 AM #3
      And another PM.

    4. Member Bibs's Avatar
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      04-24-2017 11:09 AM #4
      Much appreciation here for the PMs. It's good to hear other family's experiences and challenges.

      The thing my wife and I had to get over was the fear of diagnosis. You have to admit something is wrong, and the fact that it may be a life long thing. We made excuses, we tried to work within the situation and cater to his behaviour (within reason).

      No real updates yet, the process has begun. Just the notion that our son is going to these sessions has improved his self-awareness, and thus his self control.
      If he "buys in" to a process, whatever it may be, he's all in. He strives for structure and rules, but he has to believe in it. It has to be on his terms.

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      05-07-2017 08:36 AM #5
      Sounds somewhat like my great nephew. He's 4 now and up until recently he could be nothing short of a nightmare. He was/is slightly behind verbally and like you say it lends to some of the frustration. We weren't sure whether he had behavioral issues or his parents (my nephew) lack of discipline, setting rules/boundaries.
      He was recently diagnosed with very mild autism, and through whatever treatment they were told to use he's turned a full 180°. My sister visited them a few weeks ago, and visited a full day with them. 6 months ago a couple of hours would have been the limit.
      Good luck with your son. It's amazing how siblings can receive/process/react to input in totally different ways. 20 years from now you'll describe it as simply a little rough patch..

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