Based on the following information, what would you recommend?

Current Vehicles
- 2015 GLI DSG - Lease (ending this year) not a fan of how cheap it feels
- 2016 GTI 6 speed - Purchased

The GLI lease was a replacement for a 2013 328i M-Sport 6 speed. Due to commuting needs I sold the BMW and picked up a GLI lease. Having the GTI for a fun car I'm looking for something a bit more comfortable for commuting, road trips, and the local home improvement store (I'm 6'4"). Everything below is my personal opinion, if you believe they are unfounded feel free to defend your stance.

New or CPO (2015+)
$50K Max, $40K would be better
Most likely a purchase, lease would have to be 15k per year
4 door sedan or Midsize+ SUV
Must have lane keep and radar cruise.
I would like air conditioned seats but the lack of wouldn't stop me from purchasing a vehicle.

My thoughts
- New Q5: new platform, not sure on pricing or options
- CPO A6 3.0T - leading contender currently although i haven't sat or driven one.
- New A4 - Not sold on the interior, for some reason the steering wheel bothers me... pity i know.
- New or Used GLC300 - sport models look nice, interior is same as C class which is a plus.
- C300 - nice interior but i think i like the GLC more
- Volvo XC60 - not much info on this yet
- CPO 340i - pretty much the same as my old 328i
- ATS - too small inside
- New Tiguan - looks okay on paper curious to see how it builds out
- CPO Macan or Macan S - might be a bit pricey
- Infiniti Q50 - steering with driver assist isn't great.
- Passat - built just like the Jetta
- X3 - gives off a girly vibe
- X1 - small
- X5 - large and expensive
- Tahoe/Yukon - too large
- Mazda 3/6 - meh
- Accord Hybrid - not bad but gives off an appliance vibe
- Golf R - not sure why if i already have a GTI
- Explorer - sport is nice but seems a bit pricey
- IS300 - too small
- GS350 - my boss has one, seems like they lease well but not sold on it.

What am I missing? I usually know exactly what I want next but nothing is calling my name.