- MK4 IMMO2 -> IMMO3 Cluster Swap - Need Help (Michigan)
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      Aug 1st, 2013
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      1999 Audi A8 4.2 AWD, 2001 Golf TDI, 2000 Audi A4 AWD Manual, 2000 Jetta GLS VR6 , 2001 GTi GLX VR6
      03-19-2017 10:09 PM #1
      Hello all,

      I'm swapping a 1J5 920 946 C into my 2001 Golf TDi.

      I've got the stalk and temp sensor wired in and working perfectly. I have my PIN and mileage from the old cluster. Wondering if anyone is in the Michigan area that can help me pull the PIN from the new cluster.

      This is an IMMO2 to IMMO3 swap. I did a test and swapped it in, everything worked perfectly except my immobilizer being active (obviously). Just need to pull PIN so I can login on my VCDS and transfer the rest of the data and finish up this swap!

      If there's no one nearby, can anyone recommend me a place I can ship it to have the info pulled for a decent price?

      I'm considering renting a VAG Tacho from fixmyvw but not 100% sure if it'll be able to pull the PIN from a 1J5 920 946 C cluster?

      Anyway, any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    2. Yesterday 06:24 PM #2
      If you want I can help you pulling PIN out of cluster. Anyways easiest way is to do immo - off in engine control unit, but if you want to go the hard away, and already have the sensors wired...

      Difference IMMO3 has CAN gateway built in cluster.
      Use VCDS VAG-COM:

      1. Go to module #19-Can Gateway, Recode ( DONT CHANGE THE NUMBER ) read and save
      2. Go to module #17-Instruments, 10-Adaptation, Channel 00, read and save.
      3. Go to module #17-Instruments, Login with NEW pin, 10-Adaptation, Channel 21, add keys and save.
      4. Erase fault codes from instrument cluster and engine control unit.

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