- Source for a new throttle body to air filter boot
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    1. Member
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      Sep 25th, 2009
      03-20-2017 06:18 PM #1
      Just wanted to see if there was a source for a new throttle body to air filter boot? I have seen some used ones on ebay...but I feel like I'll inevitably be dealing with the same issue.

      I've only found this one as a new source...but it is for an mk2 CIS system and looks like it is missing some of the vacuum ports.

      I am working on an 82 Cabrio with AC

      Going to attempt to fix mine with liquid electrical tape and sealant but not expecting much

    2. Member briano1234's Avatar
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      Feb 20th, 2004
      Atlanta Ga
      90, 92, 93 Cabriolet They own you.
      03-20-2017 08:19 PM #2
      But on new rubber you can buy Vacuum ports and add them.
      At least one then "t"-off of it. They make Brass Screwed fitting with barbs for Vacuum hoses.

      Repairing it is tricky, you have to get the rubber absolutely clean...

    3. Member rabbitnothopper's Avatar
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      Oct 19th, 2009
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      RIP81. 78 VW Rabbit 1.5L EH 4speed 020 GC->GP, 82 Rabbit Pickup 1.6D
      03-20-2017 10:09 PM #3
      i used to find them on ebay for $20-25
      seems they arent listed on there anymore
      i believe the brand was "CRP" but they were really oem vw/audi with the logo scratched off
      the PN was still intact on them however.


      649E is for the ones that have the 2 extra ports on it

      there are some in UK actually want the one with the extra ports?
      most people want the other one which can be harder to find

      looks like we need someone to take the initiative and make silicone lifetime parts....
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      Sep 25th, 2009
      03-21-2017 06:09 PM #4
      I wasn't aware there was an option for the single nipple boot versus the 3.

      I guess I can just use the mk1 autohaus verision for mk2 and use a Tee. Going to look into deleting some of these vacuum lines right now since they are a bugger.

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