- Buying from a used car lot, things to watch for?
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      04-21-2017 07:17 AM #26
      Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved my 2.0 EOS. Most trouble free car I ever leased. This car is all about the top. Other issues can be fixed but if the top has problems, you're screwed. Make sure it opens and closes without binding and that it seals well. Water test it if you can. Most common leak is the A pillar and that's most likely a clogged drain.

      BTW - negotiate in wheel refinishing or get them to take $$ off the price because it's going to cost you around $4-500 to get those wheels repaired.
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    2. 04-21-2017 08:15 AM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by worth_fixing View Post
      That's grounds for a lawsuit. Imagine if you got into an accident and had a severe head injury (or worse) because the airbag didn't deploy...and the light for the airbag was "on" but camouflaged?

      Holy sh!t...
      There is no way of really knowing whether the dealer was responsible or the person that traded the car. I have had multiple people tell me to just throw electrical tape over a CEL. I highly doubt the dealer would have even paid enough attention to see the lights were not illuminated on turning the key. Just playing devils advocate...

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      04-21-2017 10:21 AM #28
      Drive to Wisconsin, it is worth it.

      They have a pretty decent inspection process that every used car dealer has to do by law and fill out a buyers guide for potential buyers.

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