- What drives you to upgrade your entire system or components?
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    1. Member XClayX's Avatar
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      Apr 30th, 2005
      2016 Mazda CX5 Touring AWD, 2001 W.E Jetta
      04-20-2017 09:26 AM #1
      In the past I've had hardware failures which was the primary drive to getting a new piece of tech. AMD's Ryzen 7 has planted the itch to build or upgrade one of my systems. So I compared it to my circa 2013 machines (a10 5800k / i5 4670k) via passmark website tool. Unsurprisingly the Ryzen 7 1700x is easily 2-3x faster then my current machines.

      So is it worth it? Buy MB, Process, Ram, OS (not sure if I could reuse) and reuse the old SSD's video cards (HD7870), PSU, case etc. Est 600 bucks give or take = Mmmm cores....

      Reality is my current systems are meeting my needs for the most part. Sure there's a few things where its like watching paint dry but not the norm. My mom always said... Is it a want? a need? or a have to have?

    2. Moderator DanG's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2000
      2014 Wrangler
      04-20-2017 10:20 AM #2
      Usually when I have a want. It used to be need, as in the need to play the latest games, but getting older, kid is growing up, etc, life gets in the way. I've got a bunch of new games in my steam library that I haven't touched yet because I don't have time anymore

    3. Senior Member A.Wilder's Avatar
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      Mar 1st, 2003
      Raleigh, NC
      Ferrari La Ferrari
      04-21-2017 01:03 PM #3
      Usually when I couldn't play modern games at low settings with decent frame rates. Basically just outpacing the consoles.

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