I searched the forum for JOM and went back a decade, didn't find what I was looking for.

my mk3 jetta has JOM coilovers. No idea what kind, the springs and perch covers are blue, the rears are # 760101

Now, I know how most professional coilover kits work, you have a cartridge and the threaded housing
sleeve fits over and you install a cap, thread down the two perches, install springs and finish assembly with
bump stop/bearing/washer/nut whatever. I have adj yellow konis and a coilover kit on my scirocco.

My rears are blown.

I'd like to know before yanking them since this is my daily and I can't afford downtime...

Do these strut assemblies come apart?

The top of the threaded housing looks like it has some sort of 'cap'. But I'm used to a cap that threads internally...
Does this 'cap' unscrew in order to remove and replace the shock insert? or do I have to replace the entire coilover
strut assembly?

I had purchased some bilsteins, but it's a full rear insert and housing that has a small welded perch that's for mounting
an OEM spring perch and oem spring. Clearly the threaded sleeve will not fit over. Think I should pry the housing open
(its just pinched down around the top of the insert body, and just drop that insert in the JOM rear housing? Tha is, on the
condition that the rear are able to be disassembled...