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    1. Member 2 doors's Avatar
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      Jun 18th, 2003
      Baltimore, MD
      '16 e-Golf SE, '00 GTI 1.8t, '15 Accord Sport CVT, '92 F-250 4X4
      04-21-2017 01:12 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by DeeJoker View Post
      I'm helping!

      His wallet is the one that says Bad Motherf***er.

    2. Member ericb49's Avatar
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      Oct 5th, 1999
      Mill Valley, CA
      2007 GTI UG 4D DSG Package Zero
      04-21-2017 01:13 PM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by Crispyfritter View Post
      I was perusing my local Autotrader page
      Time for an AUTO-vention...

    3. Senior Member Air and water do mix's Avatar
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      Aug 5th, 2004
      Southern Indiana
      '66 Beetle (X2) '08 Fit
      04-21-2017 01:15 PM #28
      Quote Originally Posted by 2.0T_Convert View Post
      Curious why the 67 and earlier love. Is 1968 the year they switched away from air cooling or something?
      No original Beetle was anything but air-cooled.

      '68 was the first of what we used to call "late models". It's when they made several changes, but the most obvious are the bumpers and shape of the hood, deck lid and taillights. It wasn't 'til '69 that the swingaxle went away in the U.S., though. Sure, some changes happened in '65, more in '66 and '67, but '68 was the most obvious to the casual observer with the exception of the curved window Super Beetle that hit in '73.

      To many the '67 is the "Holy Grail" of Beetles, but I like the '66 best. It has fewer oddball parts and still has the early headlights, yet has the larger engine compartment that allows the fitment of big/modified engines more easily.

      I could go on and on about the changes, but it would bore everyone to death, possibly even me!
      Quote Originally Posted by Boyz in da Park
      Proletariat, Bourgeoise - Everybody smellin' my potpourri...

    4. Member Crispyfritter's Avatar
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      Nov 21st, 2001
      SW KS
      04-21-2017 01:26 PM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by 2 doors View Post
      His wallet is the one that says Bad Motherf***er.

      More like Average Motherf.......

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