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      04-21-2017 12:59 PM #1
      So I got my raceland bags on about a month ago and put roughly ascot 700 miles on them so far daily driving it. I wanted to share my opinion with anyone who is potentially considering buying bags.

      I called up raceland for something other than buying suspension for my 2012 Tiguan S. Somehow we got to talking about how mk6 suspension work on Tiguan's. I decided to give them a try against all the ridicule people give about the company as I bought my car with Ultimos on it and I was impressed with them, especially being on 20's. They told me benefits such as front camber adjustments, replacement sway bar end links, and a lifetime warranty on the bags and shocks themselves. Not bad. So here's my experience so far:

      Bolted right up although on a Tiguan you have to use longer rear shocks or they will fully extend before u air out, so I went with Bilstein B8 rears. You do need to retain the shorter Tiguan end links as mk6 are too long. They look good, and go as low as air lift can.

      I've put roughly 700 miles on them. I carry my family of 4 in mine, and the ride quality is as I'd hoped, impressive to be honest. I previously ran Air lift slams in my mk4, and these do ride better than slams did. It isn't too stiff and definitely not too soft. I ride with 40 psi in the front and 32ish rear on 20" wheels with 35 series tires. Even my wife is impressed of the ride compared to my GLI. I have not had to adjust my front camber yet as they come set to in spec adjustment. I've hit good sized bumps that would typically make me cringe before, and it takes them well.

      Overall, I would recommend these to anyone thus far. I'll be driving it to Savannah from Atlanta for European Experience next month, and am looking forward to seeing how it rides on those streets. The guys over at Raceland were vey helpful, and excited to know that the Tiguan cam utilize mk6 gti suspension and i am the first Tiguan to run these. I'm anxious to see what the longevity of these are as this car will see some miles. Other than that, you won't be disappointed.
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    2. 04-21-2017 04:10 PM #2
      can you please post pics of your setup and provide a link to what you purchased? thanks in advance

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      04-21-2017 10:01 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by Erik G JHC View Post
      can you please post pics of your setup and provide a link to what you purchased? thanks in advance

      along with photos of your management in here:
      Homegrown Motorsports

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