- 1975 VW Type 2 - project Snakepit
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    1. 05-18-2017 07:58 PM #1
      Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and fairly new to VW. This is going to be my first air cooled VW project. Most of my experience with cars is with old V8 cars and trucks. However, I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade and doing an air cooled car has always been in the back of my mind. My girlfriend has an 87 Cabriolet, and a love for old VW. She's always wanted a "VW Bus", so when this 1975 van came up for sale, I decided it was time to take the plunge into VW and finally do an air cooled project. Unfortunately, this is not a prime example of a bay window by any means, but for sitting in the same spot for 20 in eastern Canada, it is what you'd expect. As rough as it looks, the floors are good and it is solid underneath. Good thing I like body work..... It is also missing the engine, everything else is there. I only have one picture of it until I have a chance to trailer it home in a couple weeks, but I'll be posting the whole build on here as it comes along. This will not be a full restoration or a showpiece, just a low budget build that my girlfriend and myself will enjoy.

      So, here it is: Project Snakepit

    2. 05-22-2017 12:20 PM #2
      The first pic didn't work.

    3. Member Jade Wombat's Avatar
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      05-28-2017 12:28 PM #3
      That'll keep you busy, . As long as the core of the bus is solid though.

      A suggestion--not sure if you're doing a full-teardown, but when you get it within reach of a garden hose, spray the front windshield area to see if the metal is eaten away/leaks around the base of the windshield. Wouldn't be too fun driving that in the cooler months with cold air swirling up from under the dash.

      Good luck with it.

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